Autonomous And Driver Support systems Design Engineer

Principle responsibilities include producing 3D designs and 2D layouts of automotive electrical components from initial concept through mass production. Such components may include vision systems and radar for autonomous driving, sensors for safety systems, and related brackets. Understanding design guides and creating new design guides is necessary for successful work completion. Related responsibilities include managing development projects and schedules, negotiating development and purchasing strategy, coordinating with other departments and suppliers, researching new technologies and market trends, making proposals for future products, troubleshooting and fixing development part products, writing and presenting reports, and working with component suppliers and other departments to resolve technical issues. Frequent travel expected.
Proficiency in Catia V5
Experience in class-A surfacing development and correlation with styling department
Experience in design including detailed component calculations, investigating ways to reduce component cost and weight, and conducting feasibility for packaging electrical components and mounting brackets throughout the vehicle
Experience with radar and camera layout and functional requirements
Excellent and demonstrable communication and collaboration skills
Knowledge of plastic parts molding process
Knowledge of metal bracket design and fatigue simulation
Familiarity with electrical hardware fundamentals and with software development process

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