Senior powertrain Strategy Engineer

Responsibilities will include working with a team to research, create and propose powertrain application plans for future Honda and Acura vehicles. This will include but not limited to aspects dealing with fuel economy, environmental requirements and targets, as well as business and competitive viewpoints. Additional responsibilities will include summarizing and proposing different powertrain configurations, CAFE and fuel economy scenarios and the impact to vehicle line-ups. Additionally responsibilities will also include researching and benchmarking competitor powertrain configurations and summarizing data such as fuel economy, GHG and technology trends. Candidate will be required to coordinate meetings with other functional divisions to gather information, correlate and understand concerns.
BSME and a minimum of 8 years experience equivalent combination of education and experience. Ability to work within a fixed schedule and previous project management experience is desired. Proficient PC Skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other technical software), MATLAB, Simulink, LabView or similar software and excellent communication/interpersonal skills required. Ability to travel and work overtime may be required.

Don't Be Fooled

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