AWD System Research Engineer

Doyou have a passion for cars? Does working in a hands-on, fast pacedteam environment to solve complex problems excite you? Do you haveexperience with AWD systems or interest in AWD performance? Are youcurious and inquisitive ? always seeking to learn by thoughtful considerationand questioning? Are you open to new ideas, different perspectives, andways of doing things? If you answered YES to any or all of thesequestions, you may be a great fit for this position. Our team is looking for highly motivated engineers who share our values: Integrity, Respect, andAutonomy. You will work in a dynamic automotive R&D environmentfocused on developing future AWD vehicles for a global market.
Ourglobal development team is on a constant quest to improve on the status-quo anddeliver the world's highest performing AWD system. Responsibilities willinclude in-vehicle AWD control data calibration and performance testing.Laboratory and Vehicle testing of AWD components, analyzing and summarizingdata, preparing evaluation reports, working with suppliers regarding componentdevelopment, support of manufacturing facilities and working on or withdevelopment teams. Additional responsibilities will include competitive vehicleevaluation, instrumentation and recording data with in-vehicle test equipmentand travel to off-site locations with environmentally severe conditions.
BSMEand a minimum of 5 years' experience or equivalent combination of education andexperience. Previous hands-on Powertrain systems experience a plus. Proficient PC Skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other technical software),MATLAB, Simulink, LabView or similar software and excellentcommunication/interpersonal skills required. Ability to travel and workovertime may be required.

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